Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Check in 10/21/11

Good Friday morning!

So this week I was again bad! I totally only worked out once this week. Life was getting int he way and that is a horrible excuse. I need to get myself back into gear.

So I have weighed in one pound heavier so am now at 242. My waist has not changed. 42 inches. But my hips got one inch smaller and is now at 50.

So nothing to really cry over. but if I want to get to my goals then I need to put in the effort. I want to be 20lb lighter by Thanksgiving. That goal is looking unobtainable right at the moment. I also want to be 40 lb lighter by new years.

Any encouragement will be appreciated.


  1. Hey, one or two bad weeks does not mean failure. You are amazing and have more self control than 90% of the people I know. Keep kicking serious butt sister.