Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday check in 10/28/11


It is Friday so we need to see how I did. I was really in gear this week. Walking 6 miles one day, swimming two hours another. Yeah.

Then Thursday hit. I stepped on that scale. I should not have. It said I was at 242. No change at all from last week. none. It made me sad. I ate like crap yesterday.

This morning I step back on the scale for my weigh in. 239.

So from my start I am down 5 whole pounds! This is nice. I am back where I was before my two weeks of icky.

So yeah.

I have a goal to be 20lb lighter by Thanksgiving. Let's see if I get there.


  1. Keep kicking butt sista!

    Only weigh yourself once a week - enough with this every day crap. :)

  2. Check out my new blog post - I gave you an award!