Thursday, September 22, 2011

Velveeta Cheesy Skillets

Did I spell skillet correctly?

Anyways, My lovely and beautiful mother went grocery shopping and bought those new Velveeta Cheesy Skillets. I mocked her for doing so just a little bit.

But I find myself writing about it here.

Because it is not a from scratch thing it is going to have a picture for the ingredients and directions

So I have a picture of all the ingredients. 
I did not picture the water. Because I thought that would be dumb.

So, I opened the box.
And found presents inside!
Ok enough with the sarcasm. (I totally had to look that up as spellcheck thought I was trying to type scar face. )
I browned the hamburger. 
mmmm...raw meat.....ya know I had an ex who would eat raw hamburger....

Then I added the water and seasonings.
Then added the noodles after I stirred it.
Then cooked it covered until the water was mostly gone per the package directions.
Then added the cheese.
Here is my bowl.

The verdict.

I thought it was going to be kinda bleh like hamburger helper. It was surprisingly good. Seriously. I was totally planning on mocking the hell out of this. But it was good.

Was way easy to prepare. I recommend using this to teach your teens to cook.

Also I would like it noted that everything was easy to open except the stupid cheese packet. Needed scissors for that. I found it amusing. Am probably the only one.