Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday check in 10/14/11

It is that time again.

I had been really bad about my eating habits and exercise habits this week. I had spent basically the entire week running errands and completely busy. Excuses right?

I made my bed and I have to sleep in it too. I gained 2lb this week. Went from 239 to 241. BUT I lost another inch off my waist! YAY. 41 inch waist measurement and 51 inch hip measurement.

I also went in to a bra shop to get myself fitted. things have been changing so much and my old bras were no longer even mildly comfortable.

I was wearing a 44G. Well they put me in a 40H. What a dramatic difference! They were so comfortable and the middle section right between the two cups. It layed flat. It has NEVER done that before. I could not be happier.

Ladies even if you think you are wearing the correct bra size. Go get fitted. You may be surprised.

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