Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cuban night.

This blog will begin with a tale of our honeymoon. Feel free to skip it.

My husband and I were married May of 2011. We honeymooned in Orlando and Saint Augustine Florida. At Orlando we visited Medieval times. Was really the first thing we did. Seriously went straight there because we made it *just* in time.We stayed at the Rosen Inn. Was a beautiful room with a beautiful view.

We visited Universal Studios and Universal Studios Island of Adventure. Was an awesome time. I met up with a friend one day very much enjoyed the company. She writes a blog and Here! is the link.

The best part of our Honeymoon happened in Saint Augustine. We stayed at the Bayfront Westcott House Bed and Breakfast.Is a beautiful location look it up on google maps.

We had the Catherine room. I highly recommend the place. Was very luxurious. We ordered their romance package. the carriage ride was amazing and the Massage was wonderful. I really loved the champagne, chocolate covered strawberries and roses.

We bought two trolly tickets. the red train at Ripley's and the green train.

We also did two ghost tours. The one by Rippley's was awesome. The ghost and gravestone by trolley tours was cheesy but fun.

The best burgers I had was at the Cafe at the old drug store.

I also recommend eating at Flavors.

We toured the San Sebastian winery while there. They do a free tour and wine tasting.

Back to the story...

Well we were hungry one night and not wanting to use our car to transport us so we stumbled upon a little Cuban resturant. Was simply divine food. The resturant's name is Habana Village Cafe.

The wait staff was wonderful. Suggesting the perfect dishes for us. Our taste buds were grateful. A great thing was it is on the bay so you can sit at the window and see much beauty. Such a great location.

What we had there is our inspiration for tonight's dinner. I had Palomilla Steak, My husband had echon Asado. We had the black beans and Fried Sweet Plantains. That is what is for dinner tonight. Also ordered but not being featured today was Chicken Fajita nachos, and Yucco.


The Palomilla steak and echon asado started the night before. It was put in our marinator to marinate with lime and Garlic. You can also use a plastic bag.

Now I personally had little to do with this meal. It was my wonderful husband who cooked most of it. If you don't believe me you should look at our poor poor kitchen that I need to clean.

SO here are the ingredients minus the meat.

Here is the Steak. He bought some thinly cut steak for this.

Here is the pork tenderloin.

To Bake it he put cut limes on it then wrapped it in foil.

He baked it at 350 degrees and until the meat thermometer said it was done.

Onions were cut into strips. He also added Cut limes Garlic and pimentos.

This was sauteed in Butter.

(Paula Dean would be proud)

I made the saffron rice according to the directions on the package. Yummy.

(this was 2 packages)

The black beans were warmed on the stove with pimentos.

He pan fried the steak. The tenderloin was sliced and he made it all pretty for me.

The plantains were not a success. In the restaurant they came out all sweet and melted in your mouth. His came out hard and dry like a potato.

He tried making a brown sugar sauce for it. It did help.

Here is my plate.

The steak could have used a bit more lime but the onions were amazing. I loved the rice, then again I always do. The beans were great. I had a total of three bites of the plantains.

Now if you will excuse me I will attempt to concur the kitchen. He left it a mess. *sigh*

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