Monday, October 17, 2011

Porcupine Meatballs


I am doing a crockpot meal today!

It is called porcupine meatballs. My mother made this for us when I was growing up and I love it. The ingredients are way simple.

2lb Hamburger
7oz minute rice
Worcestershire sauce
2 cans family size tomato soup.

Easy right?

Here is how you make it.

Place the hamburger in a large bowl.

Then pour a bunch of Worcestershire sauce on it.

Then mix. You have to do this part by hand and it is icky. I really hate touching raw meat. A lot. But I so it anyways. Just be sure you take off your rings.

Then pour in the rice!

Then mix.
It feels as weird as it looks.

Then you form little balls with it.
Isn't My apron beautiful?

Place them in circles in the crock pot.

Then I added more rice.
More rice is nice.
Then I added more Worcestershire sauce for fun.
Then set it in the fridge overnight.

First thing the next morning, pour in the soup! Do not add any water. The liquids of the meat will be just fine.
Family size!

After one can

After two cans.

Then place it on low for around 8 hours or so.


Here is my bowl!.

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