Friday, March 16, 2012

Hey it's March!


It's March. Yeah. I suck at this updating lately. Let's play catch-up shall we?

Lets see January was rather boring around here. I did the whole dieting and exercising very half assed. I spend most of the month in the car going van shopping.


I bought a van! It is a 2002 Pontiac Montana. It is burgundy has a power sliding door and leather seats. Works beautifully. We bought some strap on dvd player/monitor thing for the kids to watch. It just straps around a head rest.

We visited Omaha. I saw some of my friends not not nearly all I wanted to see. I found out a friend of mine is pregnant! Yay for her! She will not be reveling to people that she is till April. But I am super excited for her.

On the diet and weight loss I didn't even try.

Now lets talk about March.

I have started a real estate class. I go twice a week. This will be on going until the beginning of May. I am very excited about it and very hopeful about the future.

As for the diet and weight loss I have issued myself a challenge. For the 9 weeks I am in this class I will see what I can accomplish. I will try and try hard to exercise and track and eat at or under my calorie goal via MyFitnessPal. I will not weigh myself, I will not measure myself. I will just see what changes I can make.

My reward? A healthier, happier me. Being better looking. Also I want to do a boudoir session when I have reached my goal weight. I am hoping that this is the big kick off. I have been messing with this for a year. It needs to end.

I do have plans for April. The older tow boys will be visiting their mother in Virgina. During that time I am hoping to get this toddler fully potty trained. I am hoping with the ability to focus solely on him that I will be able to get it done.

So here are some Toddler pics. 

My chair!

What Pants?

Gene Lehy Mall, Omaha Ne

Look I am studying hard!

At Grandma Chris' house

Him telling me to come down the slide and he would catch me.
Also a special Hello to Alison! She was a friend from high school that I thought I would never hear from again. She tracked me down on here and I am super happy to hear from her!

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