Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Salsa chicken and mac&cheese

Hi all!

In discussion about chicken recipes on a message board I found the recipe for salsa chicken. Sounded interesting and I was also planning on salsa mac and cheese for dinner. So I pulled out some chicken from the freezer.

Let's start with the ingredients.

taco seasoning

mac and cheese

seems easy right? well, it is.

I forgot to picture the taco seasoning. sorry.

Step One.

Cover the chicken in taco seasoning.

Step Two:
Place chicken in casserole dish. (Am I going to fast for ya?)

Step Three:
Cover chicken in Salsa.

Step Four:
put a slice of cheese on chicken. (or shredded if you prefer)

Step Five.
Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes or until the meat thermometer says it is done.

Onto the salsa mac&cheese.

Step One: prepare the mac and cheese according to directions on package. (not brain science here)

Step Two: add a half can of ro-tel per box of mac&cheese.

Here is what my plate looked like.

The verdict:
Was yummy. I think I overcooked the pasta a bit but still yummy.
The chicken was excellent. although next time I will not use the hot salsa.

P.S. I used both chicken thighs nd boneless chicken breast. As it was what I had on hand.

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